owynsworld asked: Also, could you upload the cards in high resolution anywhere?

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzv8YWXWmAbLSThuN0xVcy10V00/edit?usp=sharing heres a 300 res version. I’ll probably try using PDF format for all printables if/when I pick the project up again. Thanks for the support!

Anonymous asked: I'll give you one hundred thousand dollars U.S. for new phantom capsule content.

For any amount over 1k, I guarantee that I would produce more phantom capsule.

I’m actually really happy people still like the project so I feel super bad neglecting it, but I feel like I need to get a few of my larger projects out of the way before picking it up again. Mainly Tiny Grumpy Armies ( WHICH IS HAPPENING. I SWEAR)

In case you don’t believe me, heres a peace offering I still haven’t tested at all!


I’m overhauling the HUD into a card-based system. You still use the pips for damage counters, but now you don’t have to do as much banking and re-arranging every time you take a hit. It’s more elegant and interesting!

CONSTRUCTION; print this page, cut along the black lies and fold/glue so you have double-sided cards with a number on one side and a skull on the other. (theres enough cards here for 2 players)

HOW TO USE; each player starts with 5 cards number-side up in front of them. Arrangement is up to the player but you may not switch them around during the game. Acquire some kind of cool token and place it above the card you wish to use first. You can only use one card per round and on each card is your CRADLE’s current capabilities;

BATTERY: when you take damage, put the pips directly on the card. The battery is how much damage a card can take before it has to be flipped over. 

If you take damage while a SKULL card is active, you must immediately flip an adjacent card regardless of it’s current battery power. If all your cards are flipped, your CRADLE is out of commission. 

If there is a shield, you can negate one attack per round.

ABILITIES: Simple. If you are on a card that says you can move and shoot, you can move and shoot. If it says move OR shoot, you have to pick one, not both. Also note the dash booster’s “any axis”. That means you can fly onto/off-of buildings/terrain! fun!

SPEED: Same as original rules, at the start of the round arrange the turn order according to speed.

SHIFT: At the end of the round, a player may SHIFT their token to a different card to the left or right up to as many spaces as indicated in the current card’s SHIFT stat. This means arranging your cards according to some kind of strategy becomes somewhat important.

Additional rules would include being able to repair flipped cards at the power station. Otherwise keep everything the same.


aoba cake is my fav dmmd character!!!!!

Oh hey! My wife loves your art tumblr!

Aoba Cake, the gift that keeps giving.

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memecure asked: I KNEW I RECOGNIZED YOUR URL i thought fart cat was the funniest thing ever when i was 12

You found me! :D

I think everyone can agree that the Aoba cake either improved or ruined their lives

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aosiren asked: you have your own tag now on tumblr called "aoba cake" how do you feel

amphiprionocellaris asked: Hello Matt! I've taken quite the liking to your aoba cake! It looks like it was a very fun project! If I may ask what was your wife's reaction to it? Also, what flavor is it?

Aw thanks! She loved it. It was funfetti. Normally red velvet is the best for humanoid cakes, but I she likes funfetti more and it seemed appropriate to the character. :P

I made an Aoba cake for my wife’s birthday.

It’s my wife’s birthday!