Neopets + Spagett = neospagett

I made these for Valentine’s day this year. I hope somebody used them.

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How would you guys react if I told you that I was going to cosplay as aoba cake, no Aoba, just Aoba Cake?


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Anonymous said: How did you make the Aoba cake? Like, did you just cut the shapes of the limbs out of a normal cake, the ice it? Also, what did you put on his face? I need to bring a plate of food to my granddaughters birthday party.

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My Muscles McQuack inspiration wall.

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Super Sentai


You are Umasou

This movie is so cute!

By ぷらす野昆布

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You can pick your friends, and you can pick your fandoms, but you can’t pick your friend’s fandoms.

found these in some of my old folders.