5th Street Challenge Finalists


Phil has narrowed the list of 20 semi-finalists down to just 7 finalists.

He’s also provided a spreadsheet with feedback about each of the top 20 games.

Woo! Rowdy Heroes made it! I’ll be making it available officially sometime this week.

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So one thing I’m really into is japanese tabletop games. You guys should check this out. The art is adorable and the gameplay is interesting! Plus the price is pretty great considering how much it costs to import these things.

is this animating? why cant I see the gif animating?

EDIT: there we go. eh. good enogughgugh


this guy fieri cake is slowly destroying my life

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Neopets + Spagett = neospagett

I made these for Valentine’s day this year. I hope somebody used them.

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How would you guys react if I told you that I was going to cosplay as aoba cake, no Aoba, just Aoba Cake?


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Anonymous said: How did you make the Aoba cake? Like, did you just cut the shapes of the limbs out of a normal cake, the ice it? Also, what did you put on his face? I need to bring a plate of food to my granddaughters birthday party.

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